5 Content Ideas for Disney Niched Travel Agents

5 Content Ideas for Disney Niched Travel Agents

Here are some ideas that you can talk about this week!

As travel agents, we wear many hats. It’s not just booking trips, researching destinations, and providing amazing client care. We also have to be our own content creators. While we should be posting regularly, we also have to make sure there is a purpose to our posting. While we post, we want to keep the 4 buyer phases in mind Awareness, Consideration, Conversion, and Loyalty (Check out The Social Takeoff Podcast with Kelli Hayes-Smith for more on this). As we go through these 5 content ideas keep in mind which phase you would like to highlight or how you can make 2 pieces of content on the same subject while switching up the buyer phase.


Idea 1: Disney World vs Disney Cruise

Check out the graphic I made on this topic. I have just listed some facts for WDW on the left and then did the same for DCL on the right. Nothing too fancy, I just pointed out some differences between the two such as location, dining, and activities. This could go on and on. You could do the same idea in a reel, a carousel post, or even long-form content like a YouTube video. Make sure you are following guidelines like not posting prices. You can talk about sailing this year or even on the newest ship that will begin sailing in 2025.


Idea 2: Staying On-Site vs Staying Off-Site

So being Disney niched agents we are inclined to have our clients stay on property for a ton of reasons: ease of transportation, perks of early hours (or after hours if clients are staying deluxe), dining plan, did I mention the ease of transportation (and don’t forget free parking). For this topic, you can tell a story of yourself or your client having an amazing on-site stay OR a story about a bad off-site stay and how it could have been different. You can highlight special rooms like the Royal Guest Rooms at Port Orleans Riverside or the convenience of a family suite at Art of Animation. You can talk about the transportation options and how a Skyliner or Monorail resort might be best for families with stroller-aged kiddos or people with ECVs.

Idea 3: Where to Rent Strollers or ECVs

If you’ve taken your kids and realized a little too late that you needed a stroller you, feel the pain. Those hard plastic Disney strollers end up being glorified backpack holders while you carry your kids because they just aren’t comfortable. There are places where you can rent comfy strollers and reliable ECVs that can be delivered to your client’s resort. Ask your host agency if you have access to a vendor so that you can get a commission for rentals!

Idea 4: Things to do at Disney Springs

The amount of people who aren’t aware of Disney Springs is unreal. The shopping/entertainment district is often overlooked for the enchantment of Cinderella Castle. I get it, the Cirque Du Soleil tent isn’t the park icon that is plastered on all our social media posts but it’s still worth a visit. From rich, delicious treats at the Ganachery to the massive World of Disney store your clients should absolutely check it out on a rest day. You could make a reel chronicling your Disney Springs day or create a carousel of the unusual activities to do like riding the Aerophile balloon, the Vintage Amphicar Tours, and checking out the many areas of live music in the evenings. Beginning May 2nd you can even check out a brand new drone show in the Springs!

Idea 5: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Your Service

People who have never used a travel agent before or had a bad experience with one may be hesitant to use your service. Give your audience a peek behind the curtain at the value they get by using your service. Film yourself putting together itineraries, while you’re on the phone with vendors, anything that shows the heart that you put into your service.


With anything that you choose to post this week, don’t forget your Call To Action. Consider what action you want your audience to take after seeing your post and make sure you spell it out. Do you want your audience to contact you to begin the planning process? Share this out? Explore your service? Follow on socials? Whatever it is, verbalize (or type) it out for your audience so they will be confident in taking action. 


As always, thank you so much for reading! Make sure you follow me over on Instagram (@thehappiesthings_co) and join the email list so you stay up to date! (See what I did there, it’s a CTA). Talk to you later besties!


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