Disney’s Surprise Announcement: A Travel Agent’s Take

Disney’s Surprise Announcement: A Travel Agent’s Take

Disney recently dropped some major news that caught many by surprise: “Walt Disney World Adds New Water Park Perk for Resort Guests in 2025.” But if you’re like me, you might have initially overlooked this announcement buried under the excitement of a supposed perk.

As a travel agent specializing in Disney vacations, I understand the importance of timely and strategic announcements. Disney’s lack of notice regarding this major development left many of us scrambling to adjust our plans and content. It’s reminiscent of the chaos that ensued with the recent free dining promotion, where many agents disregarded posting restrictions, causing a frenzy.

Beyond the timing issue, the actual substance of the announcement raises questions. While water parks might appeal to some, the logistics for resort guests are less than ideal. Offering a water park ticket only on the day of check-in seems impractical for guests traveling from afar. Arriving tired and possibly jet-lagged, navigating luggage for swim gear, and managing limited park hours present challenges that dampen, literally, the excitement.

Despite this new perk, the overall trend seems to be a reduction in on-site benefits. With the absence of free FastPasses and Magical Express, some may question the value of staying at a Disney resort. However, there are still compelling reasons to choose on-site accommodations, such as free transportation, parking, and exclusive activities like movie nights and s’mores.

Yet, the introduction of this new perk feels somewhat patronizing, as if Disney is attempting to placate guests with a token offering. While some may view it positively, others, like myself, see it as a soggy logistical nightmare.

So, how should we approach this announcement as travel agents? Should we promote 2025 bookings now or wait until closer to the time? It’s a dilemma that highlights the challenges of navigating the ever-changing landscape of Disney vacations.

In the end, while opinions may vary, it’s clear that Disney’s surprise announcement has stirred up mixed feelings within the travel agent community. What are your thoughts? Let’s continue the conversation in the comments below or on my Instagram (@thehappiestthings_co)!

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